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Private Property Towing, Vehicle Impound, & Parking Enforcement


Thank you for visiting Morris & Sons Towing. Our services are catered to the needs of the professional Property Manager. We understand the difficulty of managing parking issues 24/7/365.

With our 80+ years of combined industry knowledge, latest equipment, and TowClub Software, we have you covered. Our staff is trained to provide the most courteous service possible, held to high standards, and well suited to service your property.

If you are a property manager and want more information in how to hire us to service your property, click here: http://www.morrisandsonstowing.com/property-managers

If your vehicle has been towed and you would like to get more information on claiming your vehicle, click here: http://www.morrisandsonstowing.com/about-us/impounded-stored

If you are interested in Lien Sale Auto Auctions, click here: http://auctions.morrisandsonstowing.com/

If you would like to file a complaint about your vehicle being towed, click here: http://www.morrisandsonstowing.com/file-a-complaint

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