About Us


Morris & Sons Towing specializes in multi-family communities, retail and commercial properties. Offering a multitude of tools to better tailor our services to you and your property’s needs. Some of the services we offer are nightly scheduled inspections, parking permit enforcement and photo tows of Fire Lane, Handicap (San Jose Only) and blocking access to entry/exit into the community.

We use the most advanced and current equipment available which includes paperless documentation for all vehicles towed from communities to our East Bay and South Bay yards. All customers are treated with respect and courtesy when arriving to our yards to release their vehicle. We take pride in our professional, damage free and prompt service.

We would like for you to be part of the Morris & Sons Towing family and look forward to working with you!


Professional Standards

  • Fully licensed by all local cities/state for private property towing.
  • Fully insured, including cargo & worker’s compensation.
  • Compliance Depot, Net Vendor and Registry Monitoring compliant.
  • We serve several local law enforcement agencies.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing for our operators, including background checks.
  • Damage free equipment that never contacts the body of the vehicle. Our equipment only touches the tires, ensuring a damage free service and conforms to the California Air Resource Board Standards.
  • Operators are paid wages and are not on commission. This ensures integrity and respectful behavior from our staff.
  • We ensure that vehicles are released to the registered owner or agent in accordance to the law. This is critical to ensure proper chain of custody for any vehicle that we store. This also eliminates civil liability.
  • Set price on all private property tows regulated by the state and local government.
  • 24/7 operator-dispatchers, no machines ever.
  • Consistent knowledge of laws and regulations that can affect our services to you and your community.


  • Omadi is a proprietary application and data storage system developed specifically for our property management customers. With Omadi you will receive instant notifications of any vehicle removed from your property. The notification will provide you with time and location stamped pictures, violation as well as the vehicle description and license plate. This is done in real time via our driver’s handheld device.
  • Property Manager Benefits from Omadi:
    • Property managers are given a log in that will enable them to view all details of violators within the community.
    • Reports from Omadi helps with assisting in identifying repeat violators and problematic parking issues within the community.
    • Time stamped documentation, photos and descriptive detail of the vehicle in violation ensures protection from liability.

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Already have a tow company? Let us tell you why you should switch!

As the property manager, you can be held responsible for improper towing of vehicles and the conduct of the tow service thereafter. Below are steps we at Morris & Sons Towing take to ensure you are protected from any liability:

  • Paperless and Real Time Reporting: Omadi provides not only paperless but real time reporting that gives property managers instant enforcement notifications. This system stores all activity and can be produced as legal documentation.
  • Signage and Compliance Painting: We provide and maintain legally required signage as well as compliance painting. This includes vandalism or theft of our signs. This is critical to make sure the public is notified of impending tow if private property rules or state/city laws are not followed. 
  • Proper Equipment: Damage free equipment that never contacts the body of a vehicle. Our equipment only touches the tires ensuring a damage free service. 
  • Knowledge Of Towing Laws and Regulations: We stay up to date on all laws and regulations on a consistent basis. All operators are trained to understand any changes to help ensure all private property tows are completed accordingly to any updates.

Morris & Sons Towing also works closely with all security service providers to coordinate and ensure proper parking enforcement for your community on a consistent basis. Below are our services that help provide streamlined parking enforcement for your community:

  • Random Inspections and Photo Tows (Fire Lanes, Handicap Violations (SJ Only), Blocking Access)
  • Parking Permit Inspections
  • Resident Signature Tow from Assigned Space (Proof of Space & ID Needed)
  • Coordination of all signature tows with Security.