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Authorize 3rd Party Pickup:

Registered Vehicle Owners can designate an Agent to act on their behalf in claiming or releasing a vehicle. Please use our 3rd Party Authorization process. (e-Authorize or fax documents here)

For questions concerning fees and other notices  please refer to: Towing Fees and Access Notice, or give us a call.


Our office business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8a.m. to 5p.m. We are closed from 12p.m to 1p.m. for lunch and on all state holidays and weekends. Vehicles claimed after business hours, holidays, or weekends will be assessed a “Gate Fee”. Please call and inquire about the total charges on your vehicle prior to coming to claim your vehicle. If your vehicle was impounded at the order of a police agency, your vehicle may require a release from the police agency in order to claim it. Please call us to find out what is required.



CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE #22651.1: Vehicles & property are only released to the registered owner or their agent: Verifications are required with a copy retained by Morris & Sons. Any exceptions to this policy, or other problem, will require review and approval from management during normal business hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, closed 12p.m. to 1p.m for lunch. The following documents are required for every vehicle and/or property release:

Vehicle Documentation: Current Vehicle Registration, Rental Agreement for Rental Vehicle, or Other Legal Document Identifying the Vehicle Owner or Responsible Agent or Driver.

Claimant Documentation: Current Government Photo I.D., (Drivers License or Photo I.D.) Matching the Name on Vehicle Document From Above.


Cash or credit card, we do not accept checks.

Credit cards are only accepted from the registered owner or agent in person. 

Credit card payments require valid California photo ID in person.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover.



Registered owner or agent allowed in the yard chaperoned by Morris & Sons employee.

There is absolutely NO working on vehicles in storage yard. This includes (but is not limited to) installing or removing batteries, tires or wheels, electronics wired to vehicle, or any other accessories.

There is a limit of 5 minutes time allowed in the yard for removing property, if you require more time, please call and make an appointment.

Rates by City Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty Dollies Storage Daily Per Stall Gate Fee
Santa Clara Police $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
San Jose Police $240 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $100 $85
Milpitas Police $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Sunnyvale Police $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Campbell Police $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Cupertino $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Mountain View Police $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Saratoga $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125
Los Gatos $255 $310 Hourly $450 Hourly INC $110 $125