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Property Managers

Thank you for visiting the Property Manager’s Corner. Morris & Sons Towing are specialists in what is commonly referred to as “Private Property Towing”. Our services are catered to the needs of the professional Property Manager. We understand the difficulty of managing parking issues 24/7/365. With our 80+ years of combined industry knowledge, latest equipment, and software partners, we have you covered.  Here are some key highlights of our services:


  • TowClub Software–An application developed and tailored for communication with our Property Management customers. With TowClub, you can request tows in real time which notifies our staff and dispatches a driver ASAP, and you will receive instant notification of any vehicles that are removed from your property, accompanied with the time-stamped pictures, violation and vehicle information. Property Managers are given a login that will enable them not only to view this information but to run reports to identify repeat violators, etc. This information is crucial to protect the property from liability, and in the event of legal proceedings.
  • Specialization–Morris & Sons Towing specializes in servicing the Property Management Industry, and ONLY the Property Management Industry. Our operations are designed to meet your needs, and because we service over 900 sites, we keep our operations focused on meeting your needs. Our staff understands what Property Managers need to properly enforce parking, and provide it efficiently.
  • Compliance–Morris & Sons Towing dedicates significant resources to ensure the compliance to the law is met, every client has different needs and we face different challenges in meeting these needs. Because of our investment in our legal team, we are well equipped to quickly identify the best way to service a client with special circumstances, however challenging they may be.
  • Training–Because of our investment in training our staff, you can expect professional conduct at all times, guaranteed. We don’t tolerate anything less from our staff.
  • Transparency–We understand that towing a vehicle can bring challenges, complaints, and people who may become upset over their vehicle being towed. Prior to towing ANY vehicle, we take time stamped photos, document the violation, the reason for tow, and any legally required data in TowClub, which is accessible by our clients anytime. We have video recording on our trucks and facility, to ensure we protect the integrity of the towing process, and to monitor conduct.
  • Accountability–Although very rare, we do occasionally make mistakes, and hold ourselves accountable for any mistakes. If a vehicle is towed in error, or damaged, we will take care of it! The integrity of the towing process is of utmost importance, any doubts or mistakes by us or our client are addressed promptly!
  • 24/7/365 Prompt Service–Unlike most of our industry, we specialize in servicing the Property Management industry. Parking is a 24/7/365 problem, and requires an around the clock solution. We hold ourselves to a high standard for timely service, we typically respond within 20 minutes to requests, and can schedule appointments for property inspections at your convenience, to eliminate wait times.
  • Modern Damage Free Equipment–Our equipment is built specifically for servicing parking lots, underground parking garages, and navigating in tight spaces. Because Private Property Towing is all we do, our equipment is properly set up for this type of specific work.

How to sign up your property for our services at no cost to you!

Property managers often ask how much they would need to pay for our services, the answer is nothing! All costs for towing a vehicle from private property are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle. Our clients do NOT get charged for having vehicles towed from their property. In order to have our services for your property, you must have an agreement with us to provide services, which is paperless and very easy to submit. We service the following cities: Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Saratoga, San Jose, Los Gatos, & Campbell. To set up a no cost service agreement for your property, please click on the link here:
If you prefer a paper agreement, download a Service Agreement here, complete and email to info@morrisandsonstowing.comservice-agreement
Once we have received the Service Agreement, we will contact you and discuss the location and number of required tow declaration signs, and any additional services you may need. We will also give you a demonstration of our custom parking enforcement reporting system, TowClub, and we can discuss the effectiveness of parking permits both physical and/or virtual, and how they can help you better manage your parking.


Additional step required for properties located in San Jose

The City of San Jose requires a private property tow permit issued by the Police Department in order to have vehicles removed from properties located in San Jose (SJMC 6.66). We can help you throughout the process to ensure that your permit is issued in a timely manner. Here is the link to the San Jose Police Department Tow Permit Applicationhttps://www.sjpd.org/home/showpublisheddocument/20/637469253157130000

Once you have completed the application, please send us a photocopy of the SJPD permit application, and mail ORIGINAL permit application to the SJPD Permit unit along with a check made payable to the City Of San Jose, please contact SJPD Permits Unit at 408-277-4452 for the amount of the (one time) fee . The Police Permits Unit will contact you to schedule a time to inspect your signs (which we will install prior to their inspection) and issue you a towing permit, which will enable you to tow from your property. Depending on the workload of the Permits Unit, it may take 2-4 weeks to have your property inspected. Please contact us with any questions, we are happy to assist you.


  • All legally required signage in stock and ready to install at your convenience.
  • All signage meets or exceeds current legal requirements including all ADA signage.
  • Custom private property and parking signs are also available. Please contact us regarding any specific signs needed.
  • Proper signage is critical to maintaining compliance and properly notifying the motoring public

Custom Signage